Airport Car Park Management

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Airports and off Airport Parking

We can assist owners and investors with all aspects of managing airport car parks, including:

  • general car park management
  • premium valet parking services
  • operation of shuttle services

Secure Parking can also provide management of off airport parking locations.


As leaders in airport car park management, we know that if airport parking is managed, priced and distributed correctly, it has the potential to add significant revenue to the airport’s bottom line. 

The Secure Parking team are thought leading professionals in understanding both opportunity and the risk to airport parking, as a revenue stream. This includes a full understanding of:

  • Off site parking operated by third parties. Knowledge of the additional labour costs involved here can be used to on-site management advantage. Understanding the potential for an increased cost of advertising and marketing, in the case of too many competitors, can have a significant impact on the primary airport marketing and advertising costs if allowed to get too strong and get a foothold in the airport region.
  • Vacant land in the vicinity of the airport can also represent a risk and opportunity which we can help manage.
  • Alternative transport eg coach, rail, cab and Uber. Parking rate management enables better yield whilst remaining competitive in an ever changing and evolving market.
  • Market assessment enables us to take advantage, on your behalf, of changing needs eg travel time/distance, implications of road works and the cost pressures on differing demographics eg families and groups.
  • Long term and short term airport parking revenue mix as well as the addition of enhanced services like valet parking, electric charging stations even car servicing options.
  • Capitalising on airport customer types that we have grown to understand the key marketing and advertising strategies required to appeal to the time-poor cash rich traveller or the family group.
  • Utilisation of either pre-booked parking or drive-up parking based on proximity and demand to increase revenue through premium model pricing.
  • Marketing strategies based on location searches and directions as well as traditional channels.
  • Data driven revenue management through forecasting, pricing optimisation and prevention of excessive leakage.

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