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Understanding Commercial Car Parking Requirements

Here at Secure Parking we class commercial car parks as being car parks located within a building or commercial property. You might be the owner, manager or strata manager looking for an expert to solve your parking challenges and increase yeild.

As with all car park types we understand that maximum rentals and returns are essential in order to increase the value of your commercial car park asset.

Additionally and as important, with this type of parking asset, is providing optimum service levels to your tenants in order to assist with their customer, client or associates retention and your bottom line.


The Secure Parking team has the experience to understand your asset and the many regional and developmental factors that may positively or negatively affect yield. Although parking is seen as one of the cheapest ways to invest in property in a capital city, it can pose a higher level of risk, if not managed effectively.

Risks we can help manage for you include:

  • Marketing, both on and offline. Listings across our multiple earned and owned channels to increase occupancy/demand.
  • Competitive pricing to allow for new development/construction near by when parking becomes more/less readily available.
  • Offering improvements to allow for periods when you may not see the capital growth you had hoped for to maximise returns.

Asset Improvement Programs:

We are is well aware of the challenges that can be experienced with existing car park access control equipment. A key part of our asset improvement plan includes a full review of legacy equipment and an integration plan scoping costs, revenue implications and a cloud based validation model that enables your retail tenants to integrate with the car park ticketing system.

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