Healthcare car parks – including Public and Private Hospitals and Medical centres

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Healthcare car parks – including Public and Private Hospitals and Medical & Dental Centres

Secure Parking specialises in Hospital and Medical Centre Parking requirements. These facilities frequently generate more demand than available supply, and have a diverse range user mix, including the Public, Hospital Staff, Senior Medical Officers and others on both a paid and free of charge basis.

We can help you balance the requirements of all user groups, whilst ensuring optimum revenue generation within the confines of your existing parking policies.

Secure Parking is one of the largest providers of Public and Private Hospitals and medical centres in Australia.


Hospitals and healthcare facilities will always remain one area where parking is necessary. From smaller scale medical centre car parks with as few as 30 parking spaces to some of our major operations including Hospital Campus with 6000 bays, we can help.

There are many important principles of parking design in health care from protecting the entrance to a hospital emergency room, drop-off zones and space for wheelchair access.

  • Supportive hospital parking design
  • Multi-modal access
  • Catering for the many groups of people visit a hospital: supply trucks and services, staff, medical professionals, other emergency professionals, consultants, visitors, and patients.
  • Loading bays for supply delivery
  • Drop off zones for patients by multiple drivers friends, families, taxis, or car services.
  • Longer-term parking to accommodate those working at the hospital, outpatients, short-term patients, and the public.
  • Alternative parking for motor bikes and bikes.
  • Short term parking in busy areas.

Good hospital parking management makes well-maintained accessible spots a priority and one which Secure Parking can help with...


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