Hotel Car Parking Management

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Parking Management for Hotels

Secure Parking working alongside and with you, as the hotel or resort owner or manager, with the best understanding or your customers needs, can simplify any parking challenges.

A customers first impression of your hotel and services is often provided by their parking experience. Working with you we determine the right mix of valet, shuttle and related services to meet particular needs. We train our staff to integrate them into your team to make our involvement as seamless as possible. Our managers maintain constant communication with your event planners and management team to provide the best service to address individual event or functions requirements of all sizes.

We can ensure the smooth operation of parking at a range of hotel types from international hotel car parks, boutique hotels and resorts. Assisting you with all aspects of the  management and optimising associated with your car park and aim to deliver beyond expectation.

Our Hotel Parking Services extend to:

  • Seamless hospitality
  • Seamless ongoing employment administration
  • Safety training specific to your property/business
  • A dedicated, trained, valet service
  • 24/7 service where required
  • Bell Service
  • Car park management
  • Reporting
  • Financial management
  • Secure-a-Spot VIP booking 

Ensuring your guests have priority parking, hospitality and service excellence.


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